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Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Jupiter, FL

Do you wish to enhance your appearance and rejuvenate your skin? At Koger Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa, we offer a wide variety of dermal filler and injectables to make skin appear younger and revitalized. Kim Edward Koger, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified professional who administers injectable fillers to residents of West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach and within Palm Beach County.

What are Dermal Fillers & Injectables?

Injectable dermal fillers are a very popular minimally invasive treatment option for people who wish to correct the appearance of wrinkles, lines, folds, thin lips and sagging skin. Koger Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa offers an array of effective injectable fillers so we can develop a procedure that is best for you. Dermal fillers can be used as a standalone procedure or combined with plastic surgery if necessary. During your consultation, Dr. Koger will assess your target areas and help determine which product is best for you.

What Kind of Dermal Fillers & Injectables are Available?

At Koger Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa, we offer a variety of different dermal fillers and injectables to our clients. The fillers give patients different options and help to target several areas. To learn more about our dermal fillers and to help discover which is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koger.

What are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers & Injectables?

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment option for patients who are unhappy with the development of unpleasant skin conditions such as:

  • Wrinkles, lines or creases
  • Crow’s feet, laugh lines, marionette lines or bunny lines
  • Dimples, grooves or acne scars
  • Folds, sagging skin or drooping
  • Thin lips or gummy smile

Injectables are administered via a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that usually takes less than an hour to complete. There is little to no recovery time needed, and you can get back to your day immediately after treatment.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dermal Fillers & Injectables?

Patients who wish to enhance their appearance and help reverse the signs of aging should consider dermal fillers and injectables. Anyone can be a good candidate as long as they are in good general health. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should avoid these procedures. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Koger to find out if you are a candidate for dermal fillers and injectables.

Recovery After Dermal Fillers & Injectables

Injectable dermal fillers have become a highly favored cosmetic procedure. They are virtually painless, minimally invasive, and the results are fantastic. Additionally, there is little to no recovery time following treatments. The outpatient procedures usually take less than an hour and once finished, you will be free to go about your day as usual.

Cost of Dermal Fillers & Injectables in Jupiter

The cost of injectable fillers varies depending on treatment and the patient’s needs. This is considered an elective procedure and is usually not covered by insurance providers. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®. We offer financing options via CareCredit®.

Look and feel years younger with a revitalizing dermal filler procedure. Kim Edward Koger, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon that administers dermal fillers and injectables to patients in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach and the surrounding Palm Beach County. Contact Koger Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa located in Jupiter, FL to schedule a consultation!

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- Dr. Koger

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